What is 4sqday?

4sqday = foursquare day!

On April 16th (April=4th month; 4 squared=16), Miami is celebrating Foursquare Day, the grassroots social media movement, and we need your help! For Foursquare Day, we’re trying to get as many people in the Miami area as possible to use Foursquare to check in to participating venues. We’ll keep an up-to-date list on this site of all the participating venues and what deals or specials they’re offering to Foursquare Day participants. All you’ll have to do is head out to the participating venues in Miami, check in and help us spread the word!

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Foursquare, it’s an application you can use on your smart-phone to “check in.” Users check in to many different places, including restaurants, bars, stores, parks, homes or offices. When you check in somewhere, you can find friends that are in your area, get recommendations about what to eat, see or do and, in many cases, earn some freebies from the places you frequent! Location-based technology is bringing communities together by connecting people to each other and the world around us. For more information about Foursquare, visit the Foursquare Learn More page.

Are you worried about your privacy? Luckily, Foursquare has privacy features. You can limit the amount of information shared with your Foursquare friends through your privacy settings. Learn more here.

Do you know of a local business that you’d like to participate in Foursquare Day? If so, let us know! Send us their information and we’d be happy to add them to our growing list of Foursquare Day Miami participants. It’s an easy way for local businesses to advertise and get into the conversation without having to do much work at all.

Learn about how Tampa local, Nathan Bonilla-Warford, came up with the idea for Foursquare day here.


One Response

  1. Looks like we got short-changed in DC. We certainly don’t have this many events planned. But I hope to get my swarm badge, so I’ll be happy with that.

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